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Agri-Data: The Value Multiplier

While algorithms themselves have become commodities... what sets Adian.ai apart is our blend of agriculture expertise and rich data sources. We use every kind of data—internal, external, and third-party—to power AI insights informed by real agricultural wisdom.

Internal Company Data

Data from manufacturers including Sales, Products, Customer Profiles, CRM Activities, Strategic Plans, and Regulatory Information.

Agriculture External Data

Information ranging from satellite imagery to raw material prices, drought trends, heatmaps, irradiation data, and rainfall patterns.

3rd Party data

Leveraging partnerships for IoT data, market research, and insights into farmer behavior trends.

Harnessing the Power of AI for Actionable Insights

Algorithmic Intelligence to uncover Hidden Data Relationships

Adian employs proprietary algorithms on diverse Agri-data sources to identify and highlight patterns that typically remain undetected by conventional mean.

These hidden relationships, discovered from combinations of industry and manufacturer Agri-data, serve as the ideal foundation for making high-impact business decisions.

Learn More About Algorithmic Intelligence

High-impact Insights based on Ag-Input Experts’ minds

We have coded the logics that generate the insights, based on experts from the Ag input industry.

Algorithms alone don't hold the answer. It's how we interpret their findings that counts

By collaborating with seasoned experts from the Agriculture sector, we've crafted logical pathways to answer pivotal industry questions. We believe that solutions should be rooted in profound industry knowledge because the Ag-input sector deserves a tailored approach

Custom Solutions for the AG-Inputs Sector. We are Industry-specific:
  • Next-best territory to launch a bioestimulant?

  • What's today's ideal price for our product in a specific region+distributor?

  • How can we speed up trials for a Lepidoptera Bioinsecticide Development?

  • Which regulatory path ensures the most impact for Biocontrol registration?

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Latest Success Stories in the AG Input Sector

Discover tangible ways our platform has driven value in the agriculture AG Inputs domain through real-world applications.

It is Agri-driven AI, not just AI…

Adian.ia has partnered with top industry experts to use their knowledge to generate added-value insights based on the logic of the industry. AI is a commodity without it.

Solving Growers' Pain Points

Understanding Growers challenges is key to apply the use of AI in a way that understands our Segment and finds value in Agri data.

Agridata Industry Connections

AI algorithms generate value when they are used taking into account the reality of the industry, such as the connection between Draught and Fungicide sales, for example.

Agridata External Sources

Draught trends, Crop extension evolution, Grower productivity or price paid to Growers are examples of Industry data used to combine it with Manufacturer’s internal data. This segment-specific approach is the one that allows Adian.ai find powerful hidden patterns in data

AG Input Revenue

Sales, Insights and commercial suggestions are specific to our industry. We have “Coded” the way of thinking of Ag Inputs industry sales leaders to generate High-impacts Insights

AI data-driven insights for Agro Manufacturers

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Data-Centric Approach Gain total visibility into your crop protection landscape, with dependable data that doesn't rely on manual efforts.

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